Deluxe Party Tents with Walls Are Ideal for Healthy Aging Month Events

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jul 16th 2014

Nationwide event planners may want to take note. Before long, Healthy Aging Month will be on our doorsteps and there is no better place to host an event than underneath of one of our deluxe party tents. Weve got an assortment of versatileparty tentsavailable that are sure to please.

Event planners looking to host large seminars devoted to pre or post-retirement, fiscal health will appreciate our large, deluxe party tents. They can accommodate a multitude of set-ups and a great number of seminar attendees. For more intimate financial seminars, weve got smaller party tents available too. Plus, we offer mid-size party tents that are perfect for hosting a corresponding, catered meal or cocktail hour.

Senior fashion show and dinner dance event planners will undoubtedly find that our deluxe party tents with side walls will meet their needs as well. Such Healthy Aging Month shindigs could be held in our 14 x 32 x 1-5/8 or 14 x 27 x 1-5/8 party tents.

Our luxurious party tents would also be wonderful items to incorporate into a recreational vehicle or boat show for the soon-to-be or newly retired. Depending on the size of the show, event planners could opt to buy more than just one luxury party tent. That way, they could allow RV and boat manufacturers to hold seminars or additional companion events inside one of the other tents.

Of course the above are not the only Healthy Aging Month events that could be held inside of our wide assortment of party tents. Some of our party tents are also tailor made for health fairs. For example, the health fair could be taking place inside one party tent and participating fitness instructors could offer mini exercise lessons in another one.

To learn more about buying luxury party tents in time for hosting Health Aging Month events this year, pleasecontact ustoday.