Daycare Centers, Camps and Preschools May Benefit from Athletic Field Covers

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Aug 2nd 2016

At first blush, athletic field covers may seem like something only recreation departments, large universities and stadiums could use. However, they have much wider applications. This is frequently the case when it comes to the indoor variety. They are of exceptional benefit to day care centers, preschools and summer camps. Heres why:

Athletic field covers for indoor use provide just as much protection as their outdoor contemporaries. As such, they can protect summer camps recreation halls, day care centers and preschools floors from the elements. Plus, theyll keep the floors clean when any indoor renovations have to be done. And speaking of clean, lets talk about how athletic field covers may benefit small children. As we all know, toddlers and infants have a tendency to crawl or otherwise spend a lot of time on floors.

Accordingly, daycare centers and the like must spend a lot of time sanitizing hard surfaces. Indoor, athletic field covers could help keep the floors germ-free longer. For example, the floor could be cleaned after hours and then covered until the children return to the facility. The same athletic covers could be placed on to the floor during parent-teacher meetings and other events where the kids may not be present.

And yes, athletic field covers are small enough to accommodate privately owned centers too. As a matter of fact, the covers start at 42 x 74 but may be customized to fit any summer camp, day care center or preschools needs. Just allow at least 10 business days for processing and shipping to any U.S. based location. To learn more about the covers and how theyre helping the types of facilities we mentioned protect flooring, please contact us today. Wed be happy to provide real life examples of athletic covers in action and discuss related costs.