Chip Away at Late Winter Yard Work with an Assortment of Vinyl Tarps

Chip Away at Late Winter Yard Work with an Assortment of Vinyl Tarps

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Feb 3rd 2016

During the winter months, it may seem like Mother Nature is taking a holiday but its not true. Despite the seasonal slowdown, yard work and home maintenance responsibilities continue to pile up. For instance, there are those broken tree limbs that will need to be picked up and gotten rid of before springs arrival. So youll unquestionably need an assortment of vinyl tarps.

Reinforced, vinyl tarps meant to be abrasion and puncture resistant are ideal for disposing of broken tree limbs. Simply spread the vinyl tarp on to the completely or semi-frozen ground and put the discarded limbs on top of it. Then grab the wood-filled, vinyl tarps by the seams or grommets and pull them to a designated location for further processing.

If you plan on running the discarded branches through a wood chipper, be sure to place extra vinyl tarps in front of the machines exit chute. Then position the chute so the chips will fly out and hopefully land on top of the surrounding, vinyl tarps. Afterward, the tarps ends could be folded over to protect the chips from precipitation.

Just remember, in addition to fire starters, theyll make excellent mulch and driveway filler for homes situated in rural areas. So once the chips have dried out, they could be bagged for future use or immediately tossed into the wood stove. Depending on how many pounds of wood chips there are, the vinyl tarps could double as temporary storage aids.

Furthermore, spare vinyl tarps may be used to protect the wood chipper from late season storms and store room debris in between work days. Our staff may be able to help find wood chipper covers for everyones machines as well as other vinyl tarps perfect for December through February yard work projects. To receive courteous, professional assistance, please contact us today.