Canvas Tarps: The Solution to Many Pit Masters’ Problems

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Sep 27th 2016

Warm weather showers may be perfect for the flowers but they wreak havoc on a pit masters plans. Even a brief shower has the potential to wet seasoned wood not to mention water down the sauce and turned buns into mush. Such things can be corrected if a pit master is at home but what about those all important, barbecue competitions? Who needs the hassle of scrambling for dry, smoking wood or charcoal on competition day?
Tucking canvas tarps into the pit masters barbecue trailer may help avert shower related disasters. The tarps are water-resistant. So, bags of charcoal and bundles of smoking woods will stay competition ready, regardless of the weather. Canvas tarps can also protect the pit master from sudden downpours and offer shade when the sun favors him or her with its presence.
In addition, as long as the pit masters grill or smoker is cold, it may be draped with canvas tarps too. Theyll help keep any exterior logos and paint looking spiffy, which is important for those photo ops with the judges or famously hungry fans. And speaking of photo ops, fire resistant tents marry well with canvas tarps as well. The companion tents are perfect for setting up comfortable, eating or selling areas.
Inside the pop-up tents, pit masters could set aside a corner for cases of their much-loved sauces and rubs. The cases could be temporarily covered with canvas tarps until street teams are ready to sell the barbecue sauces and rubs to waiting patrons. Furthermore, canvas tarps may be treated to serve as portable advertising for the same said products. For example, pit masters could silkscreen their logos on to the tarps so customers would have something memorable to look at while they wait for service. To learn more, please contact our street team savvy agents today.