Canvas Tarps Simplify Outdoor Movie Nights

Canvas Tarps Simplify Outdoor Movie Nights

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Apr 4th 2019

If you're looking forward to spring and warmer weather, you may want to start watching movies in your backyard. For a simple movie night at home under the stars, all you need is a canvas tarp and a few other simple items.

Setting up your Canvas Tarp Screen:While there are special movie screens that will have better picture quality, a basic white canvas tarp will do the job at far less cost and it will probably be a lot more durable. For a low cost set up you can handle yourself, buy some PVC pipe at a local hardware store to make a frame with legs you can pound into the ground. Then, just pin or tie on your tarp, smoothing out any wrinkles that would get in the way of your viewing.

Other Backyard Movie Night Supplies:If you don't already have a projector, you may be surprised to find how affordable a good quality model can be these days. Prices range from about $50 on up, and there are many highly rated devices in the $100 to $200 range. You'll probably need to use outdoor speakers as well so think about your neighbors. You may want to invite them over to share the fun. Even if you're watching your weight, there are plenty of snacks and beverages to enjoy. Share a bowl of popcorn and brew a pitcher of ice tea with lemon. If you like to indulge, plan a menu to go with your movie title or genre. You could serve chili and barbecue for a western and chocolate and strawberries for a rom-com.

Enjoy spending the evening outdoors watching your favorite movies without having to stand on long lines or pay for expensive concessions.Contact us at CanopiesAndTarps.comto shop for high quality tarps and other outdoor products with discounted prices and fast shipping.