Canvas Tarps: Protecting Picnic Baskets, Dinnerware and Derrieres World Wide

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jun 24th 2015

A tisket a tasket, no one wants a wet picnic basket but thats exactly what may happen when you plop one down on to the grass. The same may be said for a persons derriere and picnic blankets. So, if you dont want a wet behind or anything else to get damp, wed suggest buying big, canvas tarps. They make excellent ground cover material during summer and early fall picnics.

To avoid potential color transfer, choose untreated canvas and have it waterproofed after purchase. Then simply place the waterproof, canvas tarp down on to the ground wherever you plan on having your picnic. Smooth the canvas tarp out first and then top it with your favorite picnic blanket. Afterward, youll be able to comfortably sit down on the ground without having to worry about moisture, insects or grass stains.

If you dont want to bother waterproofing the canvas tarp yourself, it is possible to buy treated tarps. However, wed only recommend pairing them with inexpensive or old picnic blankets. That way, if any color from the canvas tarp leaches out of the fabric during the picnic it will only end up on to the old or inexpensive blanket. Old, inexpensive picnic blankets are generally easy to launder or replace outright should the stains become too much to bear.

Of course waterproof tarps can do more than keep butts and picnic baskets dry. It is also possible to place them on top of picnic tables. They can double as table linen and protect your dinnerware from grime, especially when the picnic table is particularly grungy. Just make sure that you dont toss the treated, canvas tarps in the regular laundry when you get home. Otherwise, they could cause some problems for the rest of the load. To learn more about these and other fun ways to use canvas tarps while picnicking in the summer, please contact us.