Canvas Tarps May Go Far in Increasing the Comfort Level of Winter Campsites

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Mar 14th 2016

One may not normally equate camping with this time of year but it is actually a perfect time to grab the canvas tarps and get outside. The trick is to properly prepare ones campsite for cold, wet weather. Having the right canvas tarps may help adventurous campers do that. Heres how:

It is important to keep ones sleeping area protected from moisture, wind and cold. Waterproof tarps make excellent tent footprints and wind breaks. So be sure to bring at least one for ground cover purposes and four that are large enough to create a barrier around the tent. Extra canvas tarps and rope are also helpful to build a barrier near pit toilets or port-a-potties.

The sleeping area and makeshift bathroom are not the only things that must be shielded from the elements. Firewood, food, potable water and camping equipment (e.g. cookware) should be protected with canvas tarps too. May we suggest choosing ones that have built-in grommets for those key applications? The grommets tend to work well with hooked bungee cords.

The bungee cords serve many winter camping needs. For example, lets say that the food cache needs to be suspended from a tree to discourage animal activity. The food could be tucked inside of canvas tarps and the cords could tie them shut. Afterward, additional cords could be used to hang the tarps in convenient, safe locations. Just make sure that the bungee cords and tarps are rated for winter use. Otherwise, the cold may cause them to snap or tear under pressure.

To learn more about making winter campsites comfy with the aid of canvas tarps, please contact us. Let our staff know where you plan on camping and for how long. They can use that information to help you select the best canvas tarps and bungee cords for your winter destinations.