Canvas Tarps Help Make Sand Boxes Fun Safe Places to Spend the Day

Posted by Canopies Tarps on May 16th 2016

We did it and so did out parents. Now our kids want to do it too. What are we talking about? Playing in the sand of course! Unfortunately, we know a lot more about sand boxes than our parents and grandparents did. Turns out, the boxes have the potential to harbor many dangerous things. And understandably, that has left many of us hesitant to let our kids enjoy the age-old activity.

The good news is using canvas tarps may help make sand boxes safe again. Decades of research have shown that uncovered soil or sand attracts both wild and domestic animals. They in turn, bring pathogens with them. Sometimes the pathogens are on their bodies. Other times, theyre living in the creatures bodily waste and fluids. So clearly, using canvas tarps to keep the animals away from the boxes will go far in preventing the transfer of pathogens.

When selecting sandbox covers, choose military grade, waterproof, canvas tarps. They'll protect the sand from more than just the animals. Oh, and dont neglect the built-in D rings. After all, animals curiosity will undoubtedly get the best of them. And when it does, theyll try to remove the canvas tarps. Having the D rings in place may keep them from being successful. This is certainly true if you use the D rings to tie the canvas tarps down to the ground.

Securing D ring enabled, canvas tarps to sand boxes is rather simple. The quickest way is to invest in ball bungee ties and eye bolt screws. Attach the eye bolt screws to each side of the sand box frame. Then run one end of a ball bungee tie through the eye bolt and the other to the D ring. Continue doing this until the canvas tarp is completely attached to the sand box. To learn more about covering sand boxes with military grade tarps, please contact us today.