Canopy Top Replacements: Understanding Snow Loads and Other Factors

Canopy Top Replacements: Understanding Snow Loads and Other Factors

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Feb 10th 2019

Brrrr! Baby, it's getting a bit nippy outside in certain parts of the United States. So, we're sure that some of you are already thinking about canopy top replacements. After all, canopy tops are what protect family vehicles from the elements, year-round. Unfortunately, many people forget this fact and purchase tops that can't withstand their area's climate.

Oh No, Snow!

So how do you know whichcanopy top replacementis tough enough to protect your family's vehicles the whole year through? We'll tell you. The first thing you need to look at is the top's load bearing capacity. Remember, canopy tops in general must be strong enough to hold accumulated snow and ice, which can exert a lot of downward pressure on the entire structure. How much pressure?

According toFederal Emergency Management Guidelines, it will likely be in excess of 5 pounds per every square foot of canopy top space. And the strength of the canopy top replacement isn't the only factor to consider. The type of ground that it's sitting on plays an important role too. For instance, a patch of frozen dirt will generally withstand less downward pressure than a well-built, concrete pad or stretch of asphalt. Therefore, it's important to select the right area for your carport as well.

Check Its Resistance Capabilities

Once you've got the load bearing capacity straight, look for other factors that will help determine the top's longevity. Ones that come to mind are its resistance to wind, sun, rain and chemicals. Remember, chemicals are not just found in those oil cans you may have stored around the house. They are also found in natural substances such as tree sap, animal droppings and insect saliva. Can anyone say, “love bugs?”

Just in case you're not from the south, love bugs are insects notorious for causing damage to certain finishes. It's not their droppings that cause the problems but their acidic innards. You can read more about them through theUniversity of Floridawebsite. And no, love bugs aren't the only insects that have the ability to destroy the finish on a canopy top. There's more and the list varies by region of course. So to learn more about which canopy top replacement is best suited for your home or business environment, pleasecontact ustoday.