Canopy Top Replacements: For Those Times When Cleaning Urges Get Out of Hand

Canopy Top Replacements: For Those Times When Cleaning Urges Get Out of Hand

Posted by Canopies Tarps on May 16th 2016

Its happened to all conscientious Americans at one time or another. We get an urge to spring clean the canopies covering our cars, motorcycles boats and other gear. So we drag out scrub brushes, strong chemicals, buckets, sponges and hoses. Then get busy scrubbing the life out of the canopies, literally. Afterward, we realize that our over zealousness for a clean covering has rendered the fabric absolutely useless.

At that point, there is only one thing for the super clean to do and thats hunt for canopy top replacements. Canopy top replacements come sparkling clean right off of the delivery truck. So after setting the tops up, its simply a matter of keeping them that way. The easiest way to keep the tops clean actually starts with the fabric selection process.

For example, if you live in a notoriously wet or humid area of the United States, chances are canopy tops will get covered in fungus of all sorts. Therefore, its smart to choose tops that have been treated with anti-fungal products. Theyll frequently retard colonization long enough for sunlight and other materials to kill off the fungi for good. However, even the anti-fungal treatments wont be enough for some areas.

Leaves and other organic matter contain dyes that will leave marks on canopy tops too. Thus, treating the tops with stain resistant products should be on Americans short lists as well. Good thing many canopy top replacements already come with treated fabrics! Treatment options generally include the two we mentioned plus others. The list of others typically includes water, chemical and abrasion resistant treatments.

Also, we should note that there are cold climate options too (e.g. arctic flexibility). Theyre needed in areas where the temps tend to drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit and stay there for extended periods. To find out about them or the temperate climate options, please contact us before you get the urge to clean. That way, we can have a replacement sent to you just in case.