Canopy Top Replacements and Kits Are Cost Effective Ways to Resolve Leaks

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Nov 23rd 2014

Last weekend, when you pulled the ATV trailer into your outdoor enclosure, you noticed that the rafter area was stained. Upon closer inspection, you realized that they werent just run of the mill stains. They were actually the result of a severe leak and you know that with all of the bad weather coming, thats just not going to do. So do you try and pull money out of thin air and spring for a brand new enclosure or invest incanopy top replacements?

Wed suggest taking a critical eye to the outdoor enclosures frame. If its still in excellent condition, you may want to save some bucks by buying areplacement carport kitfrom us. Our replacement carport kits not only come in a wide array of sizes, they also include five pieces. There are two side panels, a top cover, back door panel and zippered front door. Consequently, you could sock the extra panels away for later and only replace what you need before the next big storm is due to blow into town.

Speaking of which, our enclosure replacement panels are designed to be waterproof. As such, there is precious little chance that youll come home to a leaky carport in the months to come. Just make sure that once youve replaced the top, you pull all of the corner ties tight and check for gaps. Otherwise, water, sleet and snow could find its way inside and give the appearance of a leak or security breach.

If you are concerned that youll have a hard time finding the right enclosure replacement panels for your homes carport, dont be. Our outdoor enclosure experts can help you calculate measurements of your models rafter length, door width, leg height and overall length. They should be enough to help you hone in on the precise size canopy top replacement and companion pieces needed to repair your homes carport. To learn more, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps today.