A Guide to Finding the Right Canopy Fittings: Flat Roof and Peaks

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Sep 1st 2020

Fittings are parts for canopies that give the roof structure and shape. With durable canopy fittings, you can keep your roof flat, make it peaked or give it a slope. Your canopy roof style will depend on what you're using it for.

Flat Roof Canopy

Flat roof canopy fittings feature a 90-degree angle to keep your tarp flat and straight. These are good for more lightweight duties such as providing shade in your backyard or covering a garden. If you want a flat roof canopy, you will need a corner fitting for each of the four corners, at least one side fitting per side depending on the size of your canopy and a center fitting. Before purchasing your fittings, don't forget to double-check the size of the poles you are using to ensure they will fit.

Peaked Canopy

Peaked canopies can come in three different grades: low, medium and high. Unlike the flat roof where you can use side fittings on all four sides, you will need to use side fittings for two lower sides and end fittings for the sides where the peak will be. These canopies are the most common, and the angle of the canopy fitting will determine what kind of peak it has.

Low peak canopy fittings have a 102-degree angle, making the canopy a little taller in the center than a flat roof. These canopies are great if you don't need a lot of vertical clearance but might encounter rain. The angles of the roof will help prevent the water from pooling on top, which can happen with a flat roof. Try a low peak canopy at a sporting event or outdoor market stall.

A medium peak canopy fitting has a 110-degree angle to give you some more vertical clearance. This type of canopy is perfect for when you need extra height, such as when hosting outdoor events. They are also great when you have a larger tarp size.

High peak canopy fittings are 120 degrees and are the best option if you need a lot of clearance, such as when storing recreational vehicles or equipment. If you're using your canopy in the winter, go with a high peak. The angle of this type of canopy will help prevent snow buildup on the tarp.

Sloped Canopy

In addition to flat and peaked canopies, you can get sloped canopy fittings. These feature a 78-degree, making them an option when clearance isn't an issue since your canopy will be shorter than one with a flat or peaked roof. They are perfect for creating an awning over your patio. For a sloped roof, the canopy parts you might need include peak corner fittings, right and left side fittings and peak center fittings.

Tarps, Canopies and Accessories

Canopies and Tarps has everything you need to put together the perfect canopy. We carry a wide selection of durable, quality tarps as well as canopy accessories such as fittings and bungee ties. We even offer canopy box kits, which contain a tarp and the right amount of ball bungees and canopy fittings for you to build a canopy. The only thing you need to supply is the poles.

If you need help deciding which fittings to purchase, how many to get or what other accessories you might need, reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team.