Can Vietnamese Herbs Thrive When Planted Directly on Top of Pond Liners?

Can Vietnamese Herbs Thrive When Planted Directly on Top of Pond Liners?

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Mar 14th 2016

As you are contemplating which vegetation to pair with your pond liner covered shelves, dont forget about Vietnamese herbs. Some of them grow very well in aquatic environments and may be periodically plucked for use in the kitchen. That said, one perennial herb to definitely consider planting this spring is Persicaria odorata.

Considered a critical ingredient in many Asian dishes, it traditionally thrives in damp soil and makes an excellent addition to a ponds shallow areas. The herbaceous plant is a creeper that may reach heights in excess of a foot. It boasts dark, rather slender, aromatic leaves and lovely, red stems year round. So there will always be some color around the ponds perimeter.

Plus, under certain conditions, some varieties will also flower. Consequently, theyll attract beneficial insects (e.g. honey bees) to the pond that are looking for a snack. Of course if that is a personal goal of yours, its a good idea to plant more than flowering, Vietnamese mint along the ponds shoreline. Such actions will ensure that a sufficient supply of food is readily available for the bees all season long.

Also keep in mind that Vietnamese mint has a tendency to spread quickly. As such, it may be easier to plant it right on top of pond liners as opposed to putting starter plants in to pots. If you choose to let the roots grow directly on top of the pond liner, be sure to add enough planting medium to keep the individual plants healthy. Your local, Vietnamese herb dealer should be able to make depth suggestions.

Oftentimes, a hefty mixture of fine sand, sinkable compost and heavy loam is sufficient to enough to give the roots a head start. Just take care to ensure youre using an abrasion, tear and chemical resistant pond liner. Otherwise, the planting medium and Vietnamese mints roots may break through. To learn more about planting around pond liners, please contact us.