Buying Green Leaf Tarps is Infinitely Easier Than Counting Fall Leaves

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Sep 18th 2014

Just the other day, a member of our Canopies and Tarps team was talking about the sheer amount of calculations that it takes to determine how much fall foliage a single, adult tree can produce. And just in case youre curious, it will take some minormeasurements, a few estimates, division, fractions and a whole lot of multiplication to arrive at an answer. So depending on the size of a persons property, figuring out how many leaves will need to raked and bagged up over the weekend may take a good deal of time. As a matter of fact, its likely to take up so much time that we think its best to skip the calculations and ordergreen leaf tarpsinstead.

Our green leaf tarps are made with relatively thick, treated polyethylene and come outfitted with heavy-duty drawstrings. Theyll help to close and keep the tarps shut during transport to predetermined dump sites or burning pits. The seams, on the other hand, are heat sealed and waterproof. Plus, you wont have to worry about the rakes teeth, small twigs, pine cones or sharp-edged rocks causing the tarps fabric to tear or show signs of abrasions. Why? Because the material is abrasion, tear, mildew, UV ray and oil resistant too.

The square, green leaf tarps traditionally come in two finished sizes. The largest is 8-feet and six-inches. The smallest is 5-feet and 6-inches. So you may want to order a fewsmall tarpsfor the kids and several large ones for the adult members of your family. That way, nobody will miss out on the joy of raking leaves. Note that were using the word joy sarcastically as we dont know too many people that find raking leaves an unmistakable, highly anticipated pleasure. To learn more about our green leaf tarps and other useful products, pleasecontact ustoday.