Buy Canopies and Host a National Chip Your Pet Month Event

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Mar 15th 2015

Each year, thousands of beloved pets go missing. Some break out of fenced in backyards and others unexpected run out of motor-homes or hotel rooms while their families are on vacation. There are even pets that break their leashes or collars and run away. Thats why its so important for pet owners to consider micro-chipping their pets. Inserting a microchip underneath of a pets skin is surprising quick, easy and affordable. It can even be done outdoors at a pet show or other special event. So, why not help spread the word during National Chip Your Pet Month?

We've got canopies, dog kennels, raised dog beds, plastic tables and open-sided, canopy-topped tents that would help make any National Chip Your Pet Month go well. The plastic tables are strong enough to hold small and moderate size dogs. Larger canines would probably be better suited for our raised dog beds. They could be placed underneath of one canopy tent where the vet would be stationed. A second set of canopies and tables could be set up for the pet owners to fill out the short forms that generally accompany each microchip. Afterward, pet owners and their beloved animals could take a seat in one of our plastic chairs and wait to be called to the micro-chipping tent.

Of course if youre expecting a crowd, adding additional diversions may be in order. That said, consider setting up the large, chain-link kennels in areas where the pets can play while they wait their turn. Local businesses may want to come down to your National Chip Your Pet Month event too. They could sell the pet owners in attendance an assortment of healthy foods, I Chipped My Pet souvenirs, dog bandannas, customized tags and other items that would appeal to an animal loving crowd. If they dont have pop-up tents of their own, you could refer them to us or buy extra canopies and rent them out to the vendors for a nominal fee. To learn more about purchasing canopies and other supplies for National Chip Your Pet Month events, please contact us today.