Build it with Untreated Canvas Tarps and Other Movie Fans Will Surely Come

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jan 20th 2015

Do you love to attend those community events where everyone gathers in a park or parking lot to watch movies outdoors, under a star-filled sky? Have you always wanted to replicate the experience at home but were stopped in your tracks once you saw the cost of home theatre systems? If so, weve got part of a solution that may help you achieve your cinematic goals in time for spring. It all starts with our untreated canvas tarps, a paint roller kit and a few cans of a very special paint.

Known in home theatre circles as screen paint, it is manufactured by a variety of companies. Among them are BEHR and Goo Systems. By all accounts, this type of paint is great stuff to have around if you want to create a DIY theatre. Basically, the untreated canvas tarp gets spread out onto the ground and painted using the products that we just mentioned. Be forewarned though, depending on the canvas tarps size, you may need more than one can to achieve the right amount of coverage. Oh, and by the way, make sure that whichever color paint you choose, its flat and not semi-gloss or gloss. Otherwise, you could end up with an annoying glare.

Once the paint dries, the canvas tarp may be hung up wherever you want your DIY theatre to be. Afterward, simply focus your projector onto the recently painted tarp and ta dah!, instant cinema fun for whole family. Talk about insanely easy! Of course you may want to add a party tent, pop-up tents, portable chairs, mesh sidewalls and collapsible tables to your canvas tarp order too. After all, it would be nice to give guests a place to sit, grab refreshments, escape the mosquitoes and chill out during intermission. For assistance finding just the right size products for your DIY theater needs, please contact us at Canopies & Tarps today.