Beyond Hay Covers: Are You Ready for a Cold Weather Garden?

Beyond Hay Covers: Are You Ready for a Cold Weather Garden?

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Feb 3rd 2015

We know that most farmers and gardeners are taking a break while Old Man Winter and Mother Nature have their fun, but it doesn't have to be that way. We promise you, there is life in the cool season beyond the traditional hay covers. There are always greenhouse kits, which make excellent investments. We have three different types available through our online store and theyre perfect for starting new plants or cool season gardening.

Of course youll want to make your selection based on several factors. They include the climate zone youre living in and how much space youre working with. For example, if youre the type of person accustom to seeing rows of hay covers and the steam rising up from the horse paddy in winter, wed suggest looking at our round greenhouses. They range in size from 6-feet by 8-feet by 6.5-feet to 12-feet by 20-feet by 8.6-feet. Because they dont stand unreasonably high off of the ground, the tops of the greenhouses are easily covered with insulated tarps.

The insulated tarps will help protect the starter plants inside of the round greenhouse when the temperatures dip and may be removed when things warm up outside. We make an array of insulated tarps, by the way. Our most popular tend to be constructed out of vinyl and poly. They come in various sizes too and we can custom make insulated tarps to suit your particular tastes.

In addition to the round greenhouses, we have ones in stock with pointed and gable roofs. The pitched roofs can be covered with insulated tarps too. However, its important not to let snow build up on them. Otherwise, the resulting snow load may end up too much for the greenhouses to bear. To learn more about our all-season hay covers and array of portable greenhouse kits, please contact us today. If you act now, we can have the portable greenhouse and insulated tarps in your hands well before the start of spring.