Automotive Pop-Up Tents are Ideal for Car Show & Swap Meet Fans

Automotive Pop-Up Tents are Ideal for Car Show & Swap Meet Fans

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Apr 2nd 2014

Have you noticed? The SoCal car show, cruiser and swap meet circuit is really heating up. There are so many great events on tap in the weeks ahead that it would be a crying shame not to have your automotive logo pop-up tents packed and ready to go. Whats that? You dont have an automotive logo pop-up tent yet? Heres why youll want to rectify that situation today:

Automotive logo pop-up tents offer car show, cruiser and swap meet enthusiasts a cool place to hang out in between events or sell their wares. They are also a phenomenal way to show off your love for a particular brand. For example, at Canopies and Tarps, we currently have an array of 10 x 10 automotive pop-up tents in stock. The list of popular brands represented in our pop-up tent collection includes Ford, Chevy, Firestone, Hemi and Cadillac.

In addition to looking about as hot as a muscle car hood scoop, our pop-up tents are a cinch to set-up. Thats because they are outfitted with pull-pin canopy releases. So you can spend less time wrestling with tent poles and more time drooling over duallys. Furthermore, the pop-up tents disassemble just as quickly as they set-up. As such, youll be ready to stow and go in no time too.

Its also vital to note that the polyester fabric used to make the canopies is top notch as well. It is both water and UV resistant. Thus, the SoCal weather wont send you running for drier digs and bottles of sunscreen throughout the special events. It may, however, send those without automotive logo pop-up tents of their own scrambling to get underneath of yours.

To learn more and grab some automotive logo pop-up tents in time for the next car show, please contact us at (877) 811-3911. And remember, we are happy to ship our pop-up tents nationwide.