Athletic Field Covers Help Get Employees Moving During Health & Fitness Month

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Apr 19th 2015

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month is coming and athletic field covers can help you prepare for it. The annual observance was partially designed to get people from around the world to temporarily walk away from their sedentary jobs and get their blood flowing. Consequently, its possible to host a wide variety of fitness and health events throughout the month, including those that are best suited to take place outside.

Our athletic field covers will help keep both indoor and outdoor fitness areas in pristine condition. For example, lets say that your company wants to host a baseball game during Global Employee Health & Fitness Month. One team will be composed of employees and the other will consist of upper management. Our collection of athletic field covers includes products that will protect both teams bull pens equally. We also have athletic field base covers, pitching mound covers and windscreens.

The windscreens are made from 8.2-ounce vinyl and feature evenly spaced grommets. So, you could use the grommets to hang up vinyl signs that support both the employee and management teams. The screens also come in colors that may just match one of the hues used in your companys logo. Some of the popular colors on offer are gray, white, forest green, Carolina and navy blue. As for the bull pen covers, they come in shades of black and white, which pair well with our silver and white base covers.

The gymnasium floor could be used during Global Employee Health & Fitness Month too. The come in various sizes and colors like yellow, red, black, white, royal and blue. Put them down to protect the floor before company basketball games, indoor aerobics or early morning yoga. The polyester reinforced, laminated vinyl will stand up to whatever your employees can dish out. To learn more about them and the other covers that we mentioned, please contact us.