Athletic Field Covers Can Help Keep Those Easter Egg Events Rolling

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Feb 11th 2015

Easter egg rolling events have been taking place in America for centuries. Despite that, there is one thing that event organizers continue to worry about each year. Its the weather. There is always a fear that the ground will be muddy or covered with late season frost. There have even been incidents over the years when Easter egg rollers woke up to several inches of snow. According to NOAAs historical records, one of the last times kids were forced to roll eggs in such unpleasant, snowy conditions was back in 1994. Of course that doesn't mean that the white stuff wont appear again.

So how can one keep those Easter egg events rolling regardless of the weather? Wed suggest investing in athletic field covers. Although most people associate them with sports, they can also help keep fields in shape before big, community events. Our athletic field covers come in different sizes and may be paired with heavy-duty field cover rollers. The rollers range in size from 20 to 40 and are perfect for moving the tarps before and after Easter events. Plus, they double as handy, space-saving, storage containers.

Weve also got athletic field cover sand bags in stock. They are excellent at keeping the covers in place during seasonal wind storms and other weather events. The bags are constructed out of ultra strong, 18-ounce vinyl and come complete with built-in handles. Theyre shipped empty, to save on costs and packaging. However, they are very easy to fill once youve brought them to the field. Each bag is capable of holding 25-pounds worth of clean play sand without losing a single granule. So, organizers can opt to store the bags filled or empty them out after each holiday event.

To buy athletic field covers, heavy-duty rollers and portable sand bags in time for a community-wide Easter egg rolling event, please contact us today.