Athletic Field Covers Can Ensure that Baseball Season Starts Well

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jan 15th 2014

Although it may seem far away, baseball season will be here before you know it. Thats why its important to protect and maintain your ball fields now. Otherwise, youll likely have a hard time getting the athletic playing fields into shape once the spring thaw arrives.Personally, wed recommend usingathletic field coversthat are tailor made for baseball fields. For example, we keep large field covers,home plate tarps, base covers, mound covers, bull pen covers andwindscreensin stock.

The large, washable athletic covers will help to protect the ball fields turf as well as the skinned areas. Thats because they are manufactured with a treated, highly durable polyethylene material. Its designed to resist water, rot, ultraviolet light and mildew. Depending on where you put the athletic field cover, it could keep the turf from being unnecessarily being damaged by off-season foot traffic too.As for the other tarps and canopies that we mentioned earlier, they are just as sturdy as the larger athletic field covers. Therefore, theyll take care of protecting the rest of the ball fields essential elements.

Once the first of March rolls around, dont forget to remove the athletic field covers. Its usually about the time when its safe to begin pre-season turf and skinned area maintenance tasks. Examples include lip removal, mowing, aeration, raking and fertilization.If you time it right, your baseball field should be ready for spring game play in no time. Of course thats no reason to put away the athletic field covers. They can help keep your baseball diamond puddle free throughout the playing season too.

For more information about athletic field covers, pleasecontact us(877) 811-3911. We can help you select a series of covers to meet your venues needs. Once you have completed your order, well ship them to you by the pallet straightaway.