A Party Tent for All Occasions

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Sep 1st 2020

Creating an outdoor venue is easy with party tents from Canopies and Tarps. Whether you're having a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate party or any other type of event, we have what you're looking for.

Party Canopy Tents

Depending on your needs, a canopy event tent might be the best option for your party. These tents feature just the top covering without any enclosing walls. If the forecast calls for mild weather, a canopy is all you need to protect you and your guests from the harmful rays of the sun and provide some cooling shade.

Canopy tents are also a great choice when the tent isn't your main event space. With enclosed tents, it can be more difficult for guests to move in and out. If you are having a party at your home but are looking to add some extra event space outdoors, a canopy tent is perfect. You should also consider canopy tents if you are going to have different areas set up for things like games and refreshments. A canopy can be used to protect food and tables as people are eating or you can set up multiple canopies to distinguish between spaces.

If you think a canopy party tent is the right move for you, check out our great selection. The 10' x 20' Luxury Event Party Tent can fit two eight-foot long tables, making it perfect for holding food or seating people during a meal. It also comes in solids and stripes, so you can pick a fun, festive color for an event like a child's birthday party.

For a larger sit-down event like a wedding reception, consider our 20' x 20' White Party Tent. This tent offers plenty of space and is a sturdy, stable choice. Plus, it comes with leg valances to cover the poles.

Enclosed Party Tents

If you're looking for something with more protection and weather resistance, an enclosed party tent might be the way to go. Enclosed event tents provide extra protection from the elements in case of strong winds or rain. If the temperature is going to drop during your event, you can set up space heaters and the walls will help keep the heat in.

An enclosed party tent is great if it's going to be the main venue for your event. The walls will help discourage guests from wandering and can keep distracting surroundings hidden from sight. Enclosed party tents easily give you and your guests one central location to gather and hang out.

For a more decorative event tent, check out our 10' x 20' Green/White Party Tent Enclosure Kit with Windows. This tent features a green and white cover to add a pop of color to your party. The cover is made from heavy-duty PVC and allows for a lot of customization with entrances and windows. There are two double zipper doors so you can give your guests multiple ways to enter and exit. The six PVC windows are individual, allowing you to put up one or all six.

If you're hosting a large event such as a company party or wedding, the 20' x 20' White Party Tent Enclosure Kit with Windows is a perfect option. This spacious tent will be able to hold you and all your guests. It's waterproof and durable and will be able to stand up to inclement weather conditions.

Canopies, Tarps and Tents for All Occasions

Canopies and Tarps has the best products for any outdoor event. From parties to sporting events to car storage, we have what you need to protect you, your guests and your property.