3 Tips for Hosting an Awards Function in a Party Tent

3 Tips for Hosting an Awards Function in a Party Tent

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jan 19th 2020

Awards functions are held in many fields. Whether you're a salesperson, a marketing person, an artist, a singer or an actor, there are probably some awards in your field which you aspire to. Sometimes, companies even havebusiness functionswhere they might present awards such as Employee of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Best Creative Idea of the Year etc. The bigger the business, the greater the scope of an awards function. And don't forget that schools and colleges also have awards functions for sports, academics etc. Here are some tips for organizing your awards function:

  1. Party Tent: It will probably be most convenient to hold your awards function in a tent. These come in different sizes and can be decorated any way you like. Your offices or your school may not have rooms big enough to hold the number of people who will be attending. But if you get a tent, you won't have this problem anymore.
  2. Chairs: At an awards function, you'll probably need to line up the chairs for the people who are attending. Depending on your budget, you can just go with a plastic folding chair or a metallic chair with leather seats. If needed, you can also get bleachers on rent. These will probably be appropriate if you're handing out sports awards at a school.
  3. Stage: You'll definitely need to have a stage for people to climb up on to give out and receive awards. In order to make sure that people can see everything that's going on, you'll need spot lights. Plus, it's always helpful to have a lectern where people can rest their awards or keep the pages from which they are reading out their speeches.

In addition to these things, you might also need stanchions to keep people in line, a red carpet which runs down the middle of the seats and decorative items which will give the venue a brighter look.Contact usfor more great tips to organize an awards function.