3 Reasons You Must Have High Quality Hay Covers

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Feb 3rd 2016

Hay covers are, quite simply, the most important thing that any farmer or rancher must have if they are storing hay for any length of time. Here are three reasons that you must have a high quality hay cover or tarp.

1. Avoid Preventable Damage

Wet hay is ruined hay. When hay bales get wet, they don't just become damp on the outside. The hay stalks act like straws that suck up the water through capillary action, drawing the water deep into the bale. That water stays within the bale of hay, causing mold and toxins to grow. Even if it looks safe on the outside, the middle of the hay bale could be completely unusable.

2. Protect Livestock

Cattle are better equipped to eat hay that has been exposed to moisture than horses, but wet hay is still not good for any type of livestock. Horses in particular can become very sick from the mold that grows in wet hay, and the vet bills can become quite hefty. Wet hay can also grow botulinum, which causes botulism and is potentially fatal. Hay that has been in damp conditions also loses a lot of its nutritional value.

3. Save Money

Because of the damage that occurs when hay becomes wet, it often cannot be sold or used and must be thrown out. If you experience an unexpected rainstorm, that can mean that a lot of your hay becomes unusable if you were not prepared with a high quality hay cover.
Luckily, these problems can be avoided with a high quality hay cover. If you're looking for the right cover or tarp to store your hay with, please contact us.