3 Reasons to Consider Athletic Field Covers

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Apr 24th 2016

Though the weather outside may be frightful, athletic field covers are a necessity if you want to keep your investment on the right side of the fence.

As winter weather continues its unpredictable sweep across the US, park and city officials who haven't already done so, need to invest in field covers to protect their football and baseball fields.

An athletic field open to the harsh weather of winter turns foul by the end of the season.
In years past, if you have let your fields sit in the open winter air completely unprotected — but you wish you hadn't — then this post is for you.

Here are three reasons that an athletic field cover can save you money and time.
-Snow, ice, and sleet kill grass and inhibit natural spring growth. While not covering your athletic field won't permanently ruin all of your groundskeeping work, covering it will save you from unnecessary maintenance.

-The spring rains can spell disaster for your pristine and well-kept athletic fields, often rendering them a soggy and unusable mess. An athletic field cover, on the other hand, will enable you to begin the season on the right (and dry) foot.

-Though athletics is the last thing you want to inhibit, an athletic field cover keeps unwanted visitors from using your field during bad weather. If you want to protect your field during the bad times and make it more valuable and pristine during the good times, an athletic field cover is your new best friend.

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