10 Reasons to Celebrate with Party Canopies in July

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jun 11th 2014

Siss Boom Bah! Before long, the month of July and all of the great holidays that come along with it will be here. So pull out the Solo cups, paper plates and citronella candles. Its time to set up the partycanopiesand celebrate the following 10 awesome events:

1.) Make a Difference to Children Month" Welcome Make a Difference to Children Month by setting up party canopies at the local park and hosting a picnic. Let the kids enjoy face painting, summer crafts, outdoor movies, old-fashioned taffy pulls and anything else you think would keep them entertained.

2.) National Recreation & Parks Month" Pitch a party canopy and rent out summer sports equipment to celebrate National Recreation & Parks Month. Invite families on a nature hike, host a park clean up or hand out one-day park passes to the needy.

3.) Independent Retailer Month" Recognize Independent Retailer Month by putting up party canopies and holding a sidewalk sale blow-out extravaganza or a shopping themed street fair. And be sure to prime the pump for back-to-school sales in the process.

4.) Womens Motorcycle Month" Holy hog! We certainly cant forget about Womens Motorcycle Month. So invite the ladies to gather under party canopies for a motorcycle run after party or introduce the uninitiated to the joys of hog riding by holding an outdoor sale.

5.) National Ice Cream Month" I scream, you scream, lets all scream under party canopies during National Ice Cream Month. While youre at it, toss one of those ball shaped ice cream makers around or teach everyone how to hand-churn their own sweet, cool treats.

6.) National Hot Dog Month" Okay, so maybe you dont own stock in Nathans. Thats still no reason not to pitch a party canopy and celebrate National Hot Dog Month by holding a hot dog eating contest or dog fest. Who knows, maybe you can even get the town powers that be to agree to let you host a hot dog dachshund costume parade.

7.) National Grilling Month" Its National Grilling Month too. So after your homage to the hot dog is through, keep those coals hot. Because party canopies are perfect places to pop open those folding chairs for a bit of chillin and grillin. And if youre feeling bold, challenge your buds to a Bobby Flay style throw down or make your ownMan vs. Foodepisode.

8.) Smart Irrigation Month" Whether youre a business owner, gardener or just love to run through the sprinklers, it doesnt matter. Party canopies are perfect for Smart Irrigation Month events too. Host lectures on water conservation and hand out rain barrels or promote your firms wares. How you celebrate is ultimately up to you.

9.) Family Reunion Month" Dust off the old record player and cue up the Sister Sledge. Its Family Reunion Month and nothing goes better with it than party canopies. Invite the whole brood over to gather under the canopy and swap memories. Then celebrate with a bit of family made foods and drinks.

10.) Family Golf Month" Lastly, grab your putter and put up the party canopies for Family Golf Month as well. Let the kids play miniature golf or set up a small driving range and serve refreshments under the canopies. Your favorite family duffers will love you for it.

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