When You Don’t Have Enough Space, Portable Garages Save the Day

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Dec 3rd 2014

If you have more vehicles than you have the space to store them, you don't have to leave them sitting outside. Winter will be here soon and constant exposure to the wind, ice, snow, cold, and sleet isn't good for any vehicle. A car or truck frequently left unprotected outdoors is more likely not to start or have other performance issues. It also puts your vehicle at risk for theft or vandalism. The same is true for recreational vehicles like boats and campers.

Construction company owners frequently have several additional vehicles that require storage space. Rather than rent an offsite stall, considerportable garagesfrom Canopies and Tarps. You can keep an eye on your construction trucks while keeping them protected from the weather at the same time.

Styles and Sizes

The following style options are available to you when you purchase a portable garage from Canopies and Tarps:

  • Round: This type has a rounded opening, double zippered front and rear doors, a fitted cover, anchors, and a ratcheted tie-down. Sizes range from 8′ X 8′ X 8′ to 40′ X 60′ X 18′.
  • Peak: This portable garage is constructed from triple-layer materials and is fully UV-resistant and waterproof. Its top forms a point rather than a circle. We provide you with detailed set-up instructions and anchors to weigh it down. Sizes range from 8′ X 12′ X 8′ to 65′ X 49′ X 26′. The largest sizes for both the round and peak portable garages can act as a commercial construction building.
  • Portable Sheds: If you have too much equipment at the job site or too many personal belongings at home, store them in one of our portable sheds. They cost less than a traditional metal shed while offering superior protection for your valuables. Portable shed sizes range from 6 X 6 X 6'6″ to 12′ X 12′ X 8′.

Order Your Portable Garage or Shed Today

With so many options available, Canopies and Tarps is sure to have a portable garage or shed to meet your needs. Feel free tocontact usif you have additional questions before placing your order.