Use Tarps to Protect Your BBQ Grill When You’re Not Cooking Up Delicious Food This Summer

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jul 10th 2016

Protect Your Barbecue Grill with an Inexpensive Tarp

A simple tarp can provide inexpensive protection for your outdoor grill. Choose a tough waterproof vinyl barbecue grill tarp, or consider a tarp that's snow load-rated to withstand even severe winter weather.

These tarps will protect your outside grill against rust when you're not cooking outdoors. Of course, clean your grill thoroughly before adding a secured tarp for a few days or a season.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have waterproof vinyl tarps and water-resistant outdoor canvas tarps. Here, you'll find vinyl tarps with heat-sealed seams, and super heavy-duty vinyl tarps with rope-lined edges. Shop tarps by size to compare features of different styles of same-size tarpaulins.

There is nothing like the smell and flavor of grilled food. Whether you swear by charcoal or switch on the propane, that grill gives your family and friends a unique dining experience.

But as much as we treasure those grills, many of us don't do much to protect them. What if they get left outside day after day, uncovered? That exposure can take its toll on the metal surfaces of a traditional charcoal grill, leading to rust on the inside. Even with a so-called water-tight lid, water can seep through the smoke vents.

Outside rain, dust or dirt can cause more damage to the electrical and gas delivery components of a propane grill. Not many of the lids on propane grills are completely waterproof, either.

That's why covering up a grill between uses is so important. Grills are investments that range from the cost for a new grill to the price tags on steaks, burgers, ribs and chicken we want to cook on it.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have a selection of grill covers that fit kettle and traditional grills. We also have economy tarps that can protect your grill from the elements.

How to Transform a Tarp into a Grill Cover

First, wait until a hot grill has cooled. It takes longer for charcoal grills to cool than for propane grills. Unless you buy a heat-resistant tarp designed to handle high temperatures (a welding blanket would do the trick), a hot grill can melt the tarp.

Pick the right size and material. An economy tarp will get the job done, but a heavy-duty poly tarp will last longer and offer more protection as a durable barbecue cover.

Secure as tightly as possible. Just draping the tarp over the grill won't work. It will require anchoring it to prevent a strong wind from picking up the tarp from beneath and uncovering your grill. Choose tarps with grommets, so you can thread rope through to achieve a close all-round fit.

More Tarp Tips for Barbecues

Tarps make outstanding outdoor grill covers, but that's not the only way they can prove useful at your barbecue. You can use a tarp as a canopy over your grill, so that you can prepare burgers or anything you want in any weather. Just install it high enough to prevent heat damage.

If you already have a covered area, you can use mesh tarps as fencing. They keep insects out, but let fresh air circulate inside your mesh shade enclosure.

To protect your lawn, spread an economy tarp over the ground as a designated play area for kids. Kids can avoid scrapes and stickers when playing on the wipe-clean portable picnic play area.