Unusual Rainfall a Reminder of the Importance of Athletic Field Covers

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jul 22nd 2015

Many parts of the country struggled with enormous amounts of rain in the late spring and early summer. States that aren't used to flood warnings and rain delays were suddenly struggling with weather based cancelations of all kinds of activities. It is easy to assume that all the rain was a fluke, but the truth is, you can never really predict the weather, and investing in athletic field covers makes way more sense than canceling events and risking damaged fields.

Even when you don't have scheduled sporting events planned for your athletic fields, they can be at-risk after heavy rains. If your fields are open to the public when the ground is wet, and not covered, it is possible for people to unknowingly cause a lot of damage to your field simply by walking or running on the field when it is muddy.

Field covers are also a great way to enforce field reservations. If you want your athletic field to work on a reservation system, you can keep the field covered, and only uncover it for reserved dates and times.

When you make a habit of covering your athletic field anytime it is not in use, you will find that you extend the life of your field and require less routine maintenance. Small maintenance issues add up quickly and an athletic field cover will pay for itself. Once you have a cover, you will wonder why you ever put it off. For more information on quality athletic field covers at reasonable prices, please contact us.