Truck Tarpaulins: Trusty Agents of Goodwill and Community Landscaping

Truck Tarpaulins: Trusty Agents of Goodwill and Community Landscaping

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Apr 9th 2015

Maintaining a property is tough, especially when warm weather arrives. It seems like the grass always needs to be cut and the weeds arent far behind. Then theres the power washing, mulching, harvesting and pool cleaning work. It all needs to get done too. Many Americans can handle such work on their own but what about the ones who need help, like the aged and infirm? Oftentimes, they cant take care of lawn care tasks on their own. So, why not help them out if you can?

At Canopies and Tarps, our truck tarpaulins are perfect for guys and gals looking to help their neighbors complete a few seasonal lawn care tasks. They come in a half-dozen sizes and will certainly keep those lawn mowers, landscaping tools and bags of mulch dry. In addition, the 6-ounce poly tarpaulins are tough enough to survive those times when your 4-cycle weed whacker mower decides to spit out chemicals all over the bed of your truck. Why? Unlike cheap tarpaulins youll find elsewhere, ours are chemical resistant. So you dont have to sweat loading up those engines with fluids.

And as for those chainsaw blades, machetes and other sharp-edged tools. Well, they wont leave abrasion marks or stains on our truck tarpaulins either. Oh and thats ditto for mold, mildew, punishing UV rays and standing, hard water. Plus, they wont leave your wallet empty like a glass of iced tea on a hot day. Prices start as low as $17. Consequently, you can order more than one and send your teenagers out in their pickups to help the neighborhoods elderly too.

When youre not fastening the truck tarpaulins down with their built-in, beefy D-rings, theyll fold up nicely. So, you can store them behind the seat, in the truck or your portable tool chest. The storage location is up to you of course. To learn more about our truck tarpaulins and start helping the needy, please contact Canopies and Tarps today.