Portable Garages Can Protect Families Summer Cycling Gear from Harm

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on May 14th 2014

An increasing number of todays families are opting to bust out the bicycles and go cycling together. And considering all of the health benefits involved, who could blame them for donning those cycling shorts and helmets? Of course taking up cycling as a recreational hobby or professional sport requires an investment in equipment. One item that proves to be invaluable in that regard is aportable garage.

Portable garages are ideal places to store cycling gear. Think about it. Todays bicycle frames are made from materials like aluminum, titanium, steel and carbon fiber. Despite being durable, none of those materials are totally immune from weather damage. The same may be said of bicycles wheels, drives, gears, braking and steering systems. They have the potential to rust, fade and degrade from exposure to the elements as well.

Todays portable garages and sheds are uniquely designed to protect cycling equipment and more from damage. They typically feature heavy-duty frames that have been treated with DuPont thermoset powder-coated finishes to stand up to the wind and rain.They also sport triple-layer, rip-stop, heat-bonded, waterproof, polyethylene covers and Rugged Ratchet Tite Tensioning Systems. The covers tend to be treated with antifungal agents, sun damage and anti-aging blockers too. So they will hold up all summer long in a variety of different climates.

To further strengthen portable garages and sheds ability to hold back Mother Natures fury, most come complete with steel foot plates and auger tie-downs as well. Thus, the chances that portable sheds and garages will blow over and leave a familys cycling gear exposed to the elements are slim.

At Canopies and Tarps, cyclists have a wide variety of portable garages and sheds to choose from too. Some of the items in our collection, like the8 x 8 x 8 Portable Storage Shed, are immediately available for shipping. Other portable garages and sheds are custom made and thus require additional leeway when it comes to calculating shipping dates.To learn more about protecting your familys cycling gear with portable garages and sheds, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911. Wed love the opportunity to help satisfy your familys cycling equipment storage needs.