Pop-Up Tents: There for You When Its Time to Head for the Hills

Pop-Up Tents: There for You When Its Time to Head for the Hills

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Aug 14th 2014

When most people think of pop-up tents, parties and outdoor festivals come to mind. Although youll find our wares at places like those, they aren't the only ones. Youll also run across them at camps deep in the American wilderness. The one that tends to show up in those places the most often is our APEX Base-Camp Tent with Sleeping Rooms.

Capable of accommodating a party of four, it is 144-square foot of prime real estate thats ready when people need it the most. So it doesn't matter if SHTF and its needed for a doomsday bug out bag or an impromptu camping trip with family and friends, our fully functional tent will have your lodging needs instantly covered.

Its the kind of convenient pop-up tent that comes with its very own wheeled carrying case. Once folded up in the bag, the tent condenses down into a neat, 40-pound package thats 9-inches by 9-inches by 53-inches in size. Consequently, getting it from one location to another is a breeze even for people with moderate arm strength.

Worried that it wont offer enough protection from the sun, wind, rain and biting insects? Dont be. This beautiful, roomy pop-up tent is made from fire-retardant, UV-blocking, 300-denier polyester and premium aluminum. Youll also find vented peak x-scape, Honeycomb-Truss technology, reliable guy tie-downs and sturdy spikes in place. Plus, theres a good 74-inches of head space available too.

The other thing weekend campers and doomsday preppers love about our base-camp pop-up tents is its interior layout. The fully screened and vented interior features a 64-square foot gathering area and a pair of 40-square foot sleeping rooms. The sleeping rooms each feature their own seamless floors, zippered entrances and mesh-covered windows. So sleepers will have a modicum of privacy and no worries about rain water or moisture dampening their sleeping bags.

To learn more about the APEX Base-Camp Tent with Sleeping Rooms and other pop-up tents that can help house people when the time is right, please contact us. At Canopies and Tarps, were not just about parties. Were about emergency shelter, truck tarps, greenhouse kits and other temporary structures too.