Pop Up Tents Help Push Passionate Crafters into the World of Profitability

Pop Up Tents Help Push Passionate Crafters into the World of Profitability

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Mar 14th 2016

Do you have a passion for crafting or making gourmet foods? If so, why hide it from the world? Historical look backs show that more than 60 million Americans likely share your passion. And guess what, many are using their love of homemade goods to make money too. How? Theyre selling goods online and at area festivals.

Area festivals are among the best places to reach Millennial consumers. Why? The absolutely crave unique group or one-in-one experiences. Studies conducted by firms like Accenture continually prove those assertions to be true. So, pitching pop up tents at those types of events and showcasing tangible wares are often the way to achieve financial goals. Lets look at ShadeLogics Quick Clamp Canopy as an example.

Designed to be used with a portable picnic or folding table, it attaches with clamps. Once placed over the table, it provides just the right amount of cover for canned preserves and other homemade treats. Plus, it breaks down fast, stores easily and costs less than $80. Consequently, first-time festival venders will likely make their money back rapidly. Afterward, they may want to expand their festival offerings and display them under pop up tents.

Pop up tents offer many of the same benefits as quick clamp canopies. Additionally, they are often fire-retardant and equipped with mesh options. Thus, theyre prefect for venues who are notorious for having stringent booth restrictions in place for their chosen vendors. Price wise, some of the pop ups sell for as little as $110. Thus, one good sales day should cover their initial investment costs too. And yes, that includes any finance charges credit card companies may charge.

To find out how millions of Americans are successfully taking their passions into the world of profit-making, please contact us. We routinely assist festival goers with pop up tents, tables, chairs and storage shelters for their creative wares.