Pop Up Tents Help Kids Celebrate Natl. Ice Tea Month with Neighborhood Stands

Pop Up Tents Help Kids Celebrate Natl. Ice Tea Month with Neighborhood Stands

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jul 10th 2016

Back in the olden days, children would beg their parents for an old card table, two chairs, pop up tents and a pitcher of lemonade. Then theyd set it all up in their front lawn in hopes of selling cold drinks to the neighbors. It was a time-honored tradition that taught them a lot about the value of hard work and the complexities of business. So why not encourage your kids to do something similar this June?
It happens to be National Iced Tea Month. As such, you could introduce the little ones to the pleasures and science behind making sun tea. Most discount stores sell plastic, sun tea containers with built-in spigots for less than $5 each. And theyve likely got tagless tea bags in stock for less than $2 bucks a box too. As for the sugar, wed recommend the kids have that on the side. That way, their ice tea stand patrons can sweeten their drinks as desired.
The pop-up tents will help the kids ice tea stands get noticed. Plus, theyll offer much-needed shade to both the kids and the sun tea containers. So you may end up saving on ice and extra sunscreen. And yes, the pop-up tents frame is strong enough to support signage. Therefore, feel free to let the kids use poster board to advertise their ice tea stands hours of operation and prices.
Being we live in the digital, internet age, encourage the kids to snap a picture of their ice tea tent as well. The picture could be shared online to drum up support from the neighbors and other ice tea fans that may be in the area during the month of June. In addition, theyll provide a keepsake to mark the kids attempts at becoming ice tea moguls for the month. To learn more and pick out pop-up tent before National Iced Tea Month arrives, please contact us.