Pop Up Tents for National Catfish Month Events: Get Your Fish Fry On!

Pop Up Tents for National Catfish Month Events: Get Your Fish Fry On!

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jul 12th 2015

August marks the return of a national holiday loved by Americas anglers. Do you know which one were talking about? Okay, well reel you in slowly with a little hint. The special holiday has to do with a curious cat that loves the water and doesnt meow. If you guessed National Catfish Month, youd be right on the bobber. Its one angling holiday thats been taking place every August for years now and weve got the pop up tents to go along with it.

There are pop ups for fishing clinics, angling contests, fish frys and catfish cooking contests available for sale. Plus, weve got accessories no catfish lover would want to be without at a special event. Examples include, but dont end with foot pads, mesh wall kits, tarp clamps, tie downs, party tables, anchors, repair kits and chairs.

And for anglers who will be driving their pickup trucks to National Catfish Month events or manning the grill, weve got other options. For instance, there are truck tarps, insulated tarps and machine covers on sale. Theyll help protect everyones fishing gear and fish fry equipment in event of an August rain shower or two. Speaking of which, weve got sun shades and camping tents on sale too for families or National Catfish Month event planners that need them.

To stay in the swim and net enough high quality supplies for National Catfish Month events, please contact us today. Beyond the standard materials, we can create custom pop-up tents and tarps for your fishing event or personal use. So be sure to call early and ask about those services. After all, creating custom pop ups for any celebration takes time. As such, we wouldnt want any event planner or family members party to end up waylaid over a custom, pop up tent.