Pop up Tents and Golf Courses: A Winning Combo for Fans as well as Vendors

Pop up Tents and Golf Courses: A Winning Combo for Fans as well as Vendors

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Dec 28th 2016

The PGA Tour season will be gearing up again after a short, winter break. We expect the action to resume just after the New Year, in Hawaii, with the Tournament of Champions. From there, it will move on to other states, including but not limited to California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina. The season will eventually end several months later, in the fall of 2017. As such, better get those pop up tents now.

Pop up tents are perfect for golf tour vendors and spectators alike. Suitable for use on all types of golf course surfaces, they set up and break down quickly. Plus, pop up tents come in colors that mesh well with popular, pro golfing brands. And in some cases, we can add brand logos or golfers names to the pop up tents durable fabrics. In those instances, buyers may need to prove that they have the right to use the brands logo or the golfers likeness. For example, golf fans expect Rory McLlroy, Brian Gay, Graham DeLaet and Billy Horschel to sport bright colors. Miguel Angel Jimenez and others tend to waiver between that and the traditional.

So, wed suggest checking out our collection of Caravan Display Shade Tents. They come in an impressive array of 10+ colors and boast total UV protection. Within the 10+ color palate are bold reds, yellows and blues that match the shirts sometimes worn by many of the pro golfers weve already mentioned. The colorful pop-ups also resist fire, water and wind shear damage. Accordingly, you can expect them to come with a limited warranty that will last carry you through at least through two more golf seasons. To learn more about Caravan Display Shade Tents and the others suitable for golf course use, please contact us now. We may be able to have one to you before North Americas golf tournament season resumes.