Party Tents and Planning Tips for Parents of June 2014 Grads

Party Tents and Planning Tips for Parents of June 2014 Grads

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on May 7th 2014

In most places across America, June is high time for hosting graduation parties. So before everyone grabs their party tents and diplomas, we wanted to offer up a trio of tips for planning the perfect graduation shindig at home:

Choose Party Tents That Keep it Simple

Remember, graduation parties should be fun for the host and hostess too. So keep the festivities simple by selecting luxury party tents that are versatile and easy to set-up. An excellent example of a luxury party tent that meets those specifications is our 14 x 32 1-5/8 model. The fire rated, luxury tent comes with sidewalls that are attached with Velcro fasteners. So theyll go up and come down faster than any share on the stock market exchange. In addition, the party tent may be placed up against the house or deck too. That will make it much easier to expand the party area as needed. And unlike rentals, this easy-to-store, durable, luxury party tent will be yours to keep. Thus, you can use it for additional graduation parties, Fathers Day celebrations, anniversary shindigs and other holiday fetes as needed.

Save Money with Electronic Invites

Next, why not save money by sending graduation party invites via online sources? For example, you could use Red Stamp, Evite, RightGift, standard e-mail or Facebook to contact family and friends. Red Stamp offers the option of sending snail mail invites and RightGift serves multiple purposes as well.

Go Cookie Cutter Cool

Thanks to the brilliance of party planners like Debi Lily, you could always choose to go cookie cutter cool too. Lily suggests using cookie cutters to create graduation party dcor and menu items. You can find some of her best tips for using the cookie cutters on the SC Johnson Right@Home website. As for the cookie cutters, you can grab them from just about anywhere, including dollar stores and flea markets.

To learn more and select the perfect tent for your loved ones graduation party, please contact us online or by calling our staff toll-free at (877) 811-3911. We have a huge variety of graduation party tents available as well as portable chairs and tables.