Moving Soon? Protect your Furniture with Tarps

Moving Soon? Protect your Furniture with Tarps

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jan 13th 2016

Moving to a new home or apartment can be an exciting stepping stone in one's life journey. Sometimes the moving process can be marred though when a favorite piece of furniture incurs damage in the moving process.

Often furniture needs to be temporarily stored in a storage rental unit or perhaps a friend or family member's basement or garage until one is completely settled in their new abode. One of the best ways to protect your valuable furniture is through the use of tarps. A storage rental unit may have tiny leaks in the roof that could allow water or snow to get into your unit. They may also have small gaps in the walls that allow spiders or mice to infiltrate your unit in the hopes of making a cozy nest.

Covering wood furniture pieces with tarps can help prevent warping and water stains in the case of roof leaks. Encasing furniture pieces like couches, mattresses, chairs, etc. with tarps can help prevent unwanted creatures from making a home out of your furniture.

If you are able to move all your belongings in one trip, you will still find tarps are essential to the moving process. For those using a professional moving service, the movers will most likely come prepared to protect your furniture with their own tarps or protective coverings. For the do-it-yourself mover, investing in some tarps to protect your beautiful furniture can help prevent inadvertent scratches, dings and dents from occurring.

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