Mobile Notaries Public Should Buy Pop-Up Tents and Market to Summer Camps

Mobile Notaries Public Should Buy Pop-Up Tents and Market to Summer Camps

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jul 22nd 2015

By all accounts, millions of Americans attend summer camp each year. And in case youre wondering what that translates to in terms of revenue, the American Camp Associations latest figures indicate that its in the billions. So, whats that got to do with pop up tents and mobile notaries public? Its simply really. Like many others, campers and campgrounds need notary public services too. Consequently, a mobile notary public could really make a name for him or herself by buying pop up tents and catering to the summer camp market.

To reach the summer camp market, mobile notaries public should consider asking permission to place pop up tents at outdoor events that attract parents. They could use the pop up tents to help promote their services at those types of events as well as others. For example, maybe summer camp management will allow notaries public to set up a tent on the campground's property during enrollment periods or parent visitation day.

In addition, mobile notaries public seeking to court the summer camp market would do well to develop a social media campaign. Of course not any social media component will do though. They should research which social media platforms are most popular with campgrounds, camp counselors, campers and their parents. In many instances, the list of safe bets will include Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook, MySpace, SnapChat and Periscope. But again, mobile notaries public shouldnt just assume that the safe bets are the only way to attract summer camp business.

What else can mobile notaries public do besides use social media components and parent visitation day to promote their services? There are actually a number of things, including using pop up tents to host special events of their own. To learn more about the best ways to leverage a pop up tent's visual impact to reach any consumer market, please contact us today.