Late Summer Crafts: Guess What People Are Making With Our Canvas Tarps

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Aug 18th 2015

In previous posts, we talked about using canvas tarps to create area rugs, picnic blankets, childrens forts, home theaters and wall art. They were great projects to be sure, but theyre by far not the only crafty things that may be made with our high quality tarpaulins. So today, we wanted to share a late summer project that were sure youll all enjoy. It involves converting our durable, canvas tarps into personalized hammocks.

Personalized hammocks made from canvas tarps are fun to create and will look fabulous in the back yard. They may also be hung indoors and used to hold the kids stuffed animals and other plush toys. We got the idea from the website, My Magic Mom. The websites creator used a drop cloth for her project but weve found that our canvas tarps work just as well as the painters cloths, if not better.
Our canvas tarps come in two main types, water-resistant and untreated. Some of the tarps have built-in D-rings and the others have strong grommets. The D-rings are excellent if you plan on tying up the hammock outside and using it as extra seating. The grommets will work too but youll need to balance out the extra weight with the wood inserts discussed on the My Magic Mom website.

Of course for outside use wed also recommend sticking with the water-resistant tarps. Just keep in mind that the wax used to make the canvas tarps water-resistant may end up resisting paints and dyes too. As such, it may be better to sew or iron designs on to the hammock in that case. The untreated tarps, on the other hand, will generally accept all sorts of artistic mediums without a problem. Consequently, theyre best for the folks that want to really let their imaginations take control of the project.

To learn more about purchasing the perfect, canvas tarps for hammock projects or others, please contact us today.