How to Tie Down A Tarp

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Sep 1st 2020

Properly securing your tarp will not only protect your belongings but it will also prolong the life of your tarp. Whether you're storing vehicles, covering cargo in a truck bed or creating a shelter, you'll want to make sure you use the right materials and follow best practices for tying down tarps.

What to Use to Tie Down a Tarp

Before tying your tarp down, you need to have the right equipment. While you might think regular rope or wire will work, you actually will need something different. Rope and wire are extremely rigid and don't have much give. These will put too much stress on the tarp's grommets, which can lead to ripping. What should you use instead?

If you want your tarp to be secure and have a long life, you will want to use something more elastic. Ball bungee cords or bungee tie downs are the best options. Bungee ties are elastic, which allows them to move freely with the wind and greatly reduces the chances of your tarp tearing. When you use bungees, the cords will move with the wind, evenly distributing the stress along the tarp. When you use rope, the rope will pull at the grommets, putting all the stress in a central location that can cause tears.

You will also want to use bungee cords to secure poles to the ground if you are using a tarp to create a canopy or shelter. Tying one end to the pole and the other end to a tent stake will keep your poles up while evenly distributing stress during strong winds or if someone trips or pulls on the cord.

Tying Down Your Tarp

When it comes to tying down a tarp, the first thing you need to do is prepare your space. If you are setting up a shelter, spread your tarp flat over the ground where you would like it to be. For covering truck beds, place your items in the truck as evenly as possible. A flat, uniform surface is easier to cover than a peaked, uneven surface. If you are storing a car or other vehicle, lay the tarp down over your vehicle, making sure you have the same amount of material on each side to cover it equally.

The next step is to attach your bungees to the grommets on your tarp. If you are setting up a canopy and need to attach your tarp to poles, we recommend using something like our 6" Premium Black Ball Bungees since you won't need a lot of length. These bungees will be placed at each corner. You will want something longer for securing the poles to the ground, though.

If you are using the tarp to cover a truck haul or vehicle, check out our 24" Heavy Duty Bungee Tie Downs. You will want to attach these cords to at least every other grommet along the sides of your tarp. We also have bungee tie downs in other lengths ranging from 12" to 72" so you can be sure to find the right match for your needs.

After you have the bungees attached to the grommets, it's time to finish tying down your tarp. Take the other end of your bungee and secure it to the frame of your truck bed or vehicle. The bungees should be taught and there should be some space between your vehicle and tarp to allow for a bit of airflow. The final step is to tuck in any loose edges or corners.

Tarps and Accessories

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