How to Store Firewood Outside in Winter: Firewood Storage

How to Store Firewood Outside in Winter: Firewood Storage

May 24th 2022

It's great to have a store of firewood for cold winter nights. There's nothing like a fire to light up a room and create that cozy feeling indoors, or even outdoors at the campfire if you're brave enough to have one outside in the fire pit.

One of the most challenging issues with firewood, however, is that it must be dry in order to burn properly. If you're stacking firewood outside for the season, that will be a big concern. Moisture is the enemy of fire, and the elements do a great job of keeping firewood moist outside.

Firewood Rack Cover Solutions

The most effective way to remedy the situation is to store the firewood properly. You don't need to carve out a section of your shed or garage for that either. So, what's the best firewood rack for the job? Simply use a firewood rack and cover from Canopies and Tarps.

Our racks and tarps are specially designed to season wood and keep it dry for ideal burning. The racks keep the wood off the ground to prevent water from soaking into the wood, and the space below the rack provides plenty of airflow for drying. Similarly, our covers are designed for seasoning, as they only cover the top portion of the wood pile, allowing some wood to be exposed to the wind and sun and to dry properly. These covers are made from high-quality, durable polyester that will stand up to the elements and keep rain and snow from seeping into the firewood.

Firewood Rack: Indoor or Outdoor

What's more, our outdoor firewood racks are made of durable steel with a powder coat finish for four-season protection. And they're attractive, so they'll look great on your property whether you want your firewood rack indoors or out. In addition to our many sizes of racks, we offer a portable rolling cart that's convenient and durable as well.

We offer everything from our 12' heavy-duty firewood rack plus cover to our 4' heavy-duty firewood rack plus cover, which holds half a cord of wood.

Choose the design that fits your needs and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime at (877) 811-3911.