Cool Dog Houses & Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas

Cool Dog Houses & Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas

May 24th 2022

You might feel guilty about leaving your dog in a kennel, despite your need to keep them safe and secure. Here at Canopies and Tarps, we know how you feel, so we carry all you need to make your outdoor dog house feel like home to your pet.

Planning for a Large Dog House

First, choose where you place your dog kennel. Think about the sun at different times of the day and how it will affect your animal, and also inclement weather like snow and rain. If you're planning to leave your dog out for extended periods of time, you might consider kennel top covers for protection. It's also nice to carve out an area of your kennel and fill it with sand, so your dog can lie in something soft just outside.

Options for Luxury Dog Houses

Dog beds are also a great, affordable option for making the kennel more comfortable. Canopies and Tarps offers a variety of sizes, styles and colors, each set off the ground so your dog can hop up and stay warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot outside. Each bed is also made of high-density mesh materials that are resistant to fleas, mites, mold and mildew, and easy to clean to boot.

If you're going for ultra-comfort, try our orthopedic pillows, which provide a soft and comfortable lying and sleeping spot for your pets. These foam dog beds come with a removable, washable cover and are great for putting in kennels, taking in the car or simply leaving wherever your dog sleeps. We offer three sizes. Our Medium Lucky Dog Orthopedic Pillow fits most dogs, but we have large and small as well to suit every pup.

Dog House Accessories & Upgrades

Don't forget to add some toys to your kennel. Just as you would leave some chew toys in reach if you left your dog at home, do the same in a kennel. If you're leaving for a long period of time, add a water and perhaps a food dish as well.

If you're looking to upgrade to a modern dog house for your best friend, consider our wooden dog houses for sale too. They add charm to your yard and give your pet a cool dog house to lounge in. For more information about our products designed to make your dog's kennel feel more like home, contact us anytime at (877) 811-3911.