How to Anchor Canopy in High Winds with Canopy Weights & Heavy-Duty Tent Stakes

How to Anchor Canopy in High Winds with Canopy Weights & Heavy-Duty Tent Stakes

May 24th 2022

Canopies provide wonderful protection from the sun and other elements. They can make outdoor entertaining more pleasant and can also provide shelter for vehicles and other outdoor property.

Whatever type of canopy you're using, it's best to secure it to protect against damage in high winds. Use the selection of anchoring tools available at Canopies and Tents to get the job done. We provide the best tools for the job, eliminating the risk for damage to your property and to the canopy itself with canopy weights, heavy-duty ground anchors and more.

Foot Pads, Tent Stakes & More to Secure Canopies

Start by purchasing the proper Foot Pads for your canopy. They come in multiple widths to fit your canopy's frames. Next, use our Tent Stakes to secure the foot pads into the ground. If your canopy is set up on pavement or another surface where ground stakes aren't an option, use our rubber anchor weights for canopies instead.

Next, you'll need Ball Bungee Ties, designed with elasticity to allow the canopy fabric to move naturally with the wind so that the material retains its integrity and does not tear. Insert your bungee ties through the grommet holes in the canopy and wrap them around the pipe to secure the canopy.

Ball Bungee Ties & Alternatives

Our ties are available in multiple colors and 6-inch, 9-inch, 11-inch and 13-inch sizes. The longer the bungee ties, the more times you'll be able to wrap them around the pipe to achieve the tightness you want. We recommend choosing lengths a bit longer than you need, so you can adjust the tightness as needed. With that done, now you can decide how many you'll need.

As an example, we'll determine the number of ties needed for a 10' by 10' cover with grommets every 1.5 inches using the following formula: 10 + 10 x 2/1.5 = 27 ball ties. Input your measurements instead to see how many you need.

Alternatively, you could opt to use our Tie Downs with sturdy hooks on both ends. You would use them the same way you would the ball bungee ties, so the main difference is design. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about how to secure your canopy in high winds.