Hay Covers and Forage Field Days: Get a Jump on June and Plan Your Own

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on May 21st 2015

This month, all across the county, states likeWyomingare getting ready for field day events but they arent the kind geared towards active school children. These field day events are for hay producers and those whose livelihoods rely on forage crops. As such, many of the June events boast workshops about soil maintenance, calculating crops andhay covers.

If your area isnt already planning to host such an important event, you may want to consider taking up the pitch fork and setting plans in motion to host one yourself. Think about inviting related businesses to participate. For example, it may be nice to invite the local tractor supply store to set up a vendor booth or hold a discussion about the latest trends in farm equipment design. The list of others that may want to participate includes, but isnt limited to the local Ag/Farmers Bureau, seed retailers, irrigation system suppliers, barn builders and pest control companies.

Wed also suggest that you contemplate raffling off hay covers to the people whodecide to sign up for the forage field day workshops. After all, people whohave forage fields will eventually need hay covers to protect their investments. So, we suspect that many will sign up for a raffle that features hay covers as the grand prize. The monies raised during the raffle could be donated to the local 4H Club or another organization determined to uphold the tradition of farming.

AtCanopies and Tarps, we have round and square, high quality hay tarps that would make excellent raffle prizes. We also have other products farmers may be interested in, like machine covers, firewood covers and truck tarps. Plus, youll find an assortment of party tents, portable chairs and tables that could be utilized to set up workshop areas during your Forage Field Day. To learn more about them, pleasecontact ustoday.