Give Your Gymnasts the Advantage with Professional Athletic Field Covers

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Nov 10th 2014

Gymnasts train for years to perfect their moves and compete in local, national, and international competitions. That is why it is such a tragedy for a gymnast to break his or her ankle or sustain another type of injury on a hard gym floor. It takes months to recover from these types of injuries and his or her performance may never be the same. While it is impossible to prevent every injury in gymnastics,athletic field coversfrom Canopies and Tarps greatly reduces the risk. Our floors give gymnasts the soft landing they need to keep the show moving forward.

Three Different Sizes of Gymnasium Floor Covers

Our company understands that you need options when it comes to selecting a floor cover for your gymnastics team. We have the following options available:

  • 42′ X 74′ Junior High Vinyl Gym Floor Cover
  • 50′ X 84′ High School Vinyl Gym Floor Cover
  • 50′ X 94′ College & Pro Vinyl Gym Floor Cover

All mats weigh just 10 ounces per square yard and are made from reinforced laminated vinyl. They are resistant to mold, fungus, oil, and chemicals. When the competition is over, you can easily clean each of these mats using plain soap and water. We sell gymnasium floor mats in whole sheets only. All sizes are easy to fold and store when not in use.

We've Got Sports Covered

Canopies and Tarps also carries field covers for all major sports. If you're an athletic director looking for a good deal, we encourage you tocontact usand request to speak to the sales team. If you don't think one of our tarps will work for your team's need, we are happy to create a custom tarp. You can add your team's name to the tarp or anything else to make it a true representation of your school or pro athletic team.