Get Hay Cover Orders in Before Augusts Cutting Period Begins

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Aug 20th 2014

How are your fields of native grasses doing this summer? If they are progressing along nicely, there is an excellent chance that youll be dusting off thehay coversin the dog days ahead. With that in mind, here is a smattering of dos and donts to keep in mind before you fire up the tractor:

Do remember that moisture plays an important role in how good your August harvest will be once the winter months roll around. Most experts agree that the ideal moisture levels are in between 18 to 22%. So try to plan your harvest days accordingly and use all of the right tools to get the job done (e.g. crimpers and preservatives).

Dont forget that many hay preservatives must be added before the baling process begins. The one exception to the rule tends to beanhydrous ammonia. However, it isnt appropriate for use in every situation. So youll want to choose your preservation chemicals wisely.

Do think to order enough hay covers to allow for proper air circulation around the bales. In most cases, allowing 25-inches between each bale and 4-feet between each row should be sufficient. If you have enough room on your property to allow for more distance between the individual bales and rows, go ahead and take advantage of it.

Dont be haphazard when making your hay cover selection. Be sure to choose ones that will completely protect your bales from the weather, animals, insects and accidental combustion. And always opt to add 4 to 5-inches extra onto your initial measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Do keep in mind that hay covers are made on demand and UPS Ground shipping during this time of year may be a bit slow. So get your orders in at least two weeks before you plan on rolling through the fields with your trusty John Deere.To learn more about getting hay covers to your farm in time for an August harvest, pleasecontact usonline or by calling (877) 811-3911 today. At Canopies & Tarps, we have all of the hay covers youll ever need.