Do All Water Level Fluctuations Require New Pond Liner Installation?

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Aug 26th 2015

Does it seem like the water level in your propertys pond is dropping abnormally fast? If so, perhaps the pond liner has sprung a leak. To find out for sure, its best to survey the area and take what you find into account. After all, sometimes it isnt the pond liner thats to blame. The fluctuations could be caused by surrounding trees, local wildlife, drought, normal seepage and evaporation.

If none of those conditions are present and the ponds water level has dropped more than a foot in a months time, chances are it is an actual leak. It still may not trace back to the pond liner through. Why? Leaks may also be caused by faulty embankments, broken pipes and dislodged rip-rap. Therefore, wed encourage you to review those areas before assigning blame.

Oftentimes, correcting those types of leaks involves nothing more than new pipes and soil additives. For instance, we have known farmers who quickly repaired their ponds leaks with dump trucks full of bentonite, sand and rip-rap. Of course not all property owners have been so lucky. In other situations, the installation of concrete support walls may be needed.

Should a check of the shoreline and plumbing system turn up nothing, smile at your good fortune. Then consider draining the water and having the pond liner replaced with one from Canopies and Tarps. Choose one that is compatible with your propertys soil makeup as well as the ponds primary purpose. For example, our 30 mil liners are ideal for heavily used properties laden with rough soil. Theyll resist all of the organic materials known to cause pond liner damage as well as hold up to heavy human or animal traffic.

Once the new material is in place, shore up the support walls for good measure and refill the pond with water. For more information about addressing pond leaks with our 30 mil liners, please contact us online today.