Protect Outdoor Washer and Dryer Units with Vinyl Tarps and Carports

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Mar 26th 2014

Do you have a summer cottage or bungalow that has an outdoor washer and dryer? Has the thought of leaving the units exposed to the elements 24/7 got you feeling a bit queasy? If so, weve got some recommendations that may help to set your mind at ease:

#1: Purchase a Portable Carport or Patio Cover

Why not consider setting your washer and dryer units underneath of aportable carportorpatio cover? At Canopies and Tarps, we have carports that are made with steel and polycarbonate panels. Weve also got ones that feature canopy and valance tops made from durable, UV and chemical resistant fabrics. They come in all different sizes. So perhaps one will be just right for your summer homes porch, deck or patio.

#2: Invest in Vinyl Tarps

If you cant find a portable carport or patio cover that works for your situation, consider buyingvinyl tarps. Vinyl tarps are outfitted with many grommets and come in two different weights. You can also custom order them in various colors and sizes. Wed suggest choosing one that is resistant to mildew, chemicals, abrasions and the suns rays. Once you have the vinyl tarps on hand, you can use them to build your own washer and dryer shelter.

#3: Buy Custom Machine Covers

Finally, purchasing custommachine coversis another option to consider. Some of the machine covers that we have available are fire resistant, which makes them great for covering clothes dryers in between loads of laundry. In addition to being fire resistant, the covers also tend to resist machine oils, abrasions, tears, precipitation and UV rays.Other machine covers are made from a durable, arctic flexible vinyl with rope reinforced edge. Those covers are typically waterproof, UV resistant, mildew proof and more. As such, they are superlative for covering outdoor washers and dryers year round.

To learn more about obtaining vinyl tarps or other protective materials for your summer homes washer and dryer, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911. Remember, custom orders tend to require a minimum of 12 days notice. So its best to order your custom pieces as soon as possible.