Canopy Top Replacements Buying Tip: Dont Overlook the Certifications!

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jul 21st 2015

When many people purchase canopies for the first time, they dont think to look for certifications. Mainly their oversight is a direct result of never having purchased canopies on their own. But as long-timecanopy top replacementexperts, we can say with certainty that certifications matter a lot. As a matter of fact, they are principally germane for people who hope to use their canopy top replacements on public, industrial or commercial land and well tell you why:

Many non-residential site locations are overseen by people who have to follow certain guidelines in relation to public safety. Consequently, any items brought on to the property during public or private rental events must meet those specifications as well. With that said, there are three certifications that apply most often to canopy top replacements. They are CPAI 84-7, NFPA 701 and California Title 19.

All three certifications that we just mentioned focus on the flame resistance of canopy top replacement materials. Considering that canopies are largely made of material and metal tent poles, it is easy to see why flammability would be of major concern to property owners. Weve provided links toTitle 19,CPAI-84andNFPA 701to canopy tent replacement buyers who may be interested in learning more.

Of course not every canopy top buyer is going to want to read through government generated paperwork so well make it easy on everyone. All consumers hoping to use their canopy top replacements as part of a special event should choose ones that have all three certifications. That way, chances are property owners will not have a problem with the canopies being placed on to their land in advance of special events.

To learn more about which features first-time buyers should consider when selecting canopy top replacements, pleasecontact ustoday. Were willing to answer questions about all of our products that carry a California Title 19, NFPA 701 or CPAI 84-7 certification.